Tuesday 22 December 2020

7. Climate, Vegetation and Wildlife of India


7. Climate, Vegetation and Wildlife of India


A. Give a brief answer to the following questions:

1. Name the main vegetation types.

2. Name the main seasons of India.

3. Give an introduction of the summer season of India.

4. In which season of India, it rains heavily in India. Give brief introduction of the season.

5. Write a brief note on Tropical Evergreen Vegetation.

6. Write a note on the conservation of wild life.

7. Write about the conservation of natural resources.

8. Write about the advantages of natural vegetation.

9. Where does the tidal vegetation found in India? Write the main trees of this vegetation?

B. Fill in the blanks:

1.  is our National bird.

2.   is the main tree of Monsoon type vegetation.

3. In India, winter season is usually from month to month.

4. The natural vegetation keeps the balance between and

C. Distinguish between:

1. Tropical Evergreen Forests and Tropical Deciduous forests.

2. National Park and Govt. sanctuaries.

D. Map Skill:

Show on map of India;

1. Region recieving rainfall in winter.

2. A zone of Himalayan type of Vegetation

3. A zone of desert Type of vegetation

E. Activities:

I. After studying the wild life map of India, enlist the following:

1. Wild-life sanctuary

2. Bird-sanctuary/zoo

3. National Park

4. Tiger Project

II. Make a list of various trees planted in your school and plant fresh sepllings with the help of your teacher.