Wednesday 23 December 2020

19. Community meet Human Needs


19. Community meet Human Needs



A. Answer the following questions in brief:

1. Why is human being called a social animal?

2. Which is the basic unit of society?

3. How was human life in ancient times?

4. What is the difference between tribal and city life.

5. How human beings are different from other living things?

6. Why and how society is essential for man?

7. Why we are proud of our Indian Community?

 8. Why and how urbanisation developed in the society.

9. Write short note on change of community from natural to man made.

10. Write a note on development of Indian civilization?

B. Fill in the blanks:

1. In Ancient time people were living in  

2. Urban Population is  day by day.

3. Community is called   of families.

4. The main occupation of early man was  

5. Man is the only living creature with a power to  

C. State whether following statements are Right or Wrong:

1. India is known as 'Country with Unity in Diversity'. ( )

2. Gidha is folk dance of Rajasthan. ( )

3. Every human being is an important part of the community. ( )

4. Man can live in isolation. ( )

D. MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions):

1. Which is the primary social unit of a society?

a. Family                                      b. City

2. Why is man called a social animal?

a. Because a man can live alone.

b. Because a man can't live alone.

3. Which spirt is created by the cultural brotherhood?

a. Spirit of patriotism

b. Spirit of communalism

4. First of all which material was used by a man to make weapons in ancient period?

a. Stone M

b. Copper



1. Find out the problems and facilities provided by your village/city community.

2. Make a chart of Folk Dances (with pictures) of four neighbouring states.

3. Make a chart showing various stages of development of mankind.