Saturday 16 January 2021

Chapter-5 How Beautiful is the Rain (Poem)



Chapter-5 How Beautiful is the Rain (Poem)




Fiery: ਅਗਨੀ

Lane: ਗਲੀ

Clatter: ਖੜਕਣਾ:

Tramp: qurx dI BwrI Avwz

Hoofs: ਖੁਰ:

Gushes: vihMdw

Overflowing: ਵਹਾਅ

Spout: vihxw

swift: ਤੇਜ਼




Pick up words from the text that match the rhyme of the following words:

1. Rain-lane

2. Heat-street

3. Roofs-hoofs

4. Out-spout

5. Lane-pain

6. Pours-roars

7. Wide-tide


ACTIVITY-3Read the poem and write answers to the following:


Q1: Why does the poet say that the rain is beautiful?

Ans. The rain presents a beautiful scene after the dust and the heat.


Q2: Which are the places where the rain falls?

Ans. It falls in the broad and narrow streets.


Q3:Why does the poet repeat the first line?

Ans. The poet repeats the first line to emphasize his point that the rain is really beautiful. He does so to make the rhythmic appeal.


Q4:What gushes and struggles out?

Ans. The rain water gushes and struggles out.


Q5:Why is the rain like a tramp of hoofs?

Ans. Because its arrival is quick and noisy.




The teacher will read the following passage once. Students must complete the following blanks:

1. Comes 2. Great 3. Heat 4. Day 5. Gift 6. Beings 7. Rain 8.Ripen 9. Away 10. Think 11. World 12. Rain


ACTIVITY-7What words would you use to describe the rain?


Make a list:

Beautiful, elegant, soothing, graceful, cool, life-giving, joyous, vibrant





ACTIVITY- Use capital letters where needed in the following sentences


1. She is a good singer.

2. Are you a good singer?

3. Does Pratima live in Mumbai?

4. Saurabh lives in Delhi but I live in Chandigarh.

5. I went to the library to borrow books written by Premchand.

6. Do you have a Samsung phone?

7. Why is February 29 important?

8. Albert Einstein was a famous scientist.

9. Jagdeesh Chander Bose was an Indian scientist.

10. I will buy Sony television from Delhi.