Tuesday 22 December 2020

5. Realms of the Earth


5. Realms of the Earth


A. Answer the following questions in brief:

1. What is Lithosphere?

2. Name the main landforms of the earth?

3. How all the realms of earth affect each other?

4. What is mountain range?

5. Name the important plateaus of the world.

6. How the atmosphere helps the life system to live?

7. Which land form is called table lands and why?

8. What is the importance of Hydrosphere to man?

9. What is meant by a continent?

10. How many continents are there on the earth name them? Which is the largest continent?

11. Write the name of the oceans. Also tell by which colour these ocean are represented on the Globe?

12. What is Biosphere? Give brief explanation regarding this.

13. Why Northern Hemisphere is called Land sphere and Southern Hemisphere is called water sphere.

14. Being an important inmate of the Biosphere what precautionary steps to be taken by man?

B. Fill in the blanks:

1.   is the smallest continent of the world.

2.   is the second biggest continent.

3. Arctic ocean has encircled pole.

4. Southern ocean has encircled continent.

5. 2/3 of the Earth is covered by 

6.  continent is called white continent.

7.  realm is affected by the three realms of the Earth.

C. Make pairs of the following:

1. Continent                          a. Arctic

2. Landforms                          b. Biosphere

3. Life                                        c. Antarctica

4. Ocean                                     d. Plateau

D Activities:

1. Collect pictures of Mountain peaks, passes, valleys

2. Make clay models of Mountain ranges, Plateaus and Plains

3. Mark continents and oceans on a political out line map of world.