Tuesday, 21 December 2021

Chapter-11 Peom I'm Happy with who I am


  Chapter-11 POEM I’m Happy with who I am


Activity 1: Dictionary Reference: Learning New Words


Mirror: SISw

Index finger: pihlI auNglI

Confident: dlyr/ ivSvws nwl BirAw

Precious: ikmqI

Being: vjUd/hsqI/Asiqqv

Matter: mh`qv


Activity 2: Pick up words from the text that match the rhyme of the following words


1. Me: see

2. Mirror: colour.


Activity 3: Read the following words and use them in meaningful sentences:

1. Precious: Gold is precious.

2. Confident: We should be confident that we shall pass with the flying colours.


Activity 4: Read the poem and answer the following question:


Q. What does the poet see in the mirror?

Ans. a. She sees her own reflection.

b. She sees that her reflection looks back at her.

c. She sees that her reflection shows her index finger.


Activity 5: Make a list of the things that the poet says about herself:

Ans. a. She is precious.

b. She is unique.

c. No one can be like her.