Tuesday 22 December 2020

1. Earth - As a member of Solar System


1. Earth - As a member of Solar System


A. Answer the following questions:

1. What do you mean by the Universe? Enlist the different forms of the Universe.

2. What is a planet? Is our earth a planet? How?

3. What do you understand by Solar System?

4. Enlist the distance of planet from the sun? Also tell which planet is far away and which is nearest.

5. Enlist according to the size of planets.

6. Which facts you know that tell us the shape and size of earth?

7. Write note on the following:

a. Planet

b. Meteors

c. Sphere

d. Equator

e. Tailed Star

f. Axle/Axis

g. Asteroids

h. Lunar Eclipse

 B. Fill in the blanks:

1. Our earth is flat sphere, therefore it is called.

2. The circumstance of the earth is….Km.

3. The diameter of earth of equator is……Km and diameter of earth at poles is ……..Km.


1.     Make diagrams of the following:

(i)                Show the planets according to the distance from the sun.

(ii)             Show the planets according to their size.

2.     If there is a planetarium nearby, accompany your classmates and parents to visit it.

3.     Have you ever visited Pushpa Gujral Science City? Write a report on the visit, stating what you have seen in the science city.

4.     Students be asked to gather maxmimum information about Solar System and a quiz competition be held out of the information.