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21. Urban Development - Local Self Government


21. Urban Development - Local Self Government



A. Answer the following questions:

1. Write short note on Urban Development after Independence.

2. Name the Urban Local Self Institutions.

3. Why city is divided into wards on the basis of population?

4. What age is required for the candidates to be a Councilor?

5. What is town's Local Self Institution is known as?

6. Name four officials of Municipal Corporation.

7. Name any two sources of income of (urban) Local Self Government.

8. What are your duties towards city Local Self Government?

9. Give two functions of Municipal council or Corporation.

10. Give two functions of District Administration.


B. Fill in the Blanks:

1. Nagar Panchayat is set in a  .

2. Urban Local Self Government functions are looked after by

3. To be a counselor, the candidate should be of years of age.

4. In each district there are types of courts.

5. An area changing from village to town is known as 

C. State whether following statements are Right or Wrong:

1. A foreigner can cast his vote in the election of Municipal Corporation of your city.

2. There are 9 Municipal Corporations in Punjab.

3. The President of Municipal Corporation is known as Mayor in Punjab.

4. The voter should be of 17 years of age to cast his vote.

5. Deputy Commissioner is the Chief Government Official of the District Administration.

6. There are District level officials of various departments to run the District administration.

D. MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions):

1. Which is the primary unit of local urban self-government?

a. Nagar Nigam

b. Village Panchayat

c. Nagar Panchayat

2. Which name is given to the head of a Municipal Corporation (Nagar Nigam).

a. Paradhan

b. Mayor

c. Sarpanch

3. Who is the executive officer of Municipal Corporation?

a. Superintendent

 b. Deputy Commissioner

c. Commissioner

4. Which of the following cities does not have Municipal corporation?

a. Amritsar

b. Patiala

c. Ropar

d. Ludhiana

e. Bathinda

f. Jalandhar

5. Which is the highest administrative officer of a district?

a. D.E.O.

 b. S.S.P.

c. D.P.R.O.

d. Deputy Commissioner

6. In big cities where the road is overcrowded, to reduce it's crowd a road is built up over it. Which name is given to this over built up road?

a. Cycle rickshaw track

b. underground sub way

c. link road.

d. fly over


1. Visit some nearby slums in your city and make a list of the problems of people residing there.

2. Visit the office of Municipal Council/Corporation of your city and write in five sentences what you observe.

3. Plant a saple in your surrounding and look after it till it grows properly.