Wednesday 23 December 2020

22. Public Property and its Protection 162


22. Public Property and its Protection 162


A. Answer these questions:

1. Why do we love our personal property?

2. Name the three monuments of India?

3. Why people damage public property? Give two reasons

4. Give the name of two kinds of public property.

5. What do you mean by public utility services? Give two examples of it.

6. What is public property? How is it created?

7. How people misuse the public property?

8. From whose Money the school property is made?

9. Give one basic difference between personal property and public property. 10. What is our responsibility towards school property?

11. How can you help to preserve the Historical Monuments?

C. State whether following statements are Right or Wrong:

1. Parks and Hospitals are our personal property.

2. We should not damage our National Property as it is our own.

3. Historical Monuments are protected by a government law passed in


D. Fill in the Blanks:

1. All objects that we possess as individual make property.

 2. Old historical building are called Monuments.

3. We must not the public property.

4. Things owned collectively make properly.


E. Make the separate list of private and public property of following given list:

Book, Post-office, Pen, Railway station, Scooter, Bus stand, Monuments, Almirah, Severage, Car, Roads, Canals, Bag, Bridge, Water-works, School, Kothi, Lakes, Park, Museum, Television.


1. Collect pictures of four historical Monuments, paste them in the Album and write 4 lines for each.

2. Make a list of public utility services used by you.