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Chapter 1 Food: Where Does It Come From?


Lesson -1 Food -where does it come from.


Question - What is food?

Answer - The substance that is eaten to obtain energy is called food.


Question - What are nutrients?

Answer - Substances that provide nutrition are called nutrients.


Question - What is nutrition?

Answer - The process of intake of food and making use of it, is called nutrition.


Question -h How many types of organisms are on the basis of mode of nutrition ?

Answer - Two types....

       1. Autotrophic

       2. Heterotrophic.


Question - What are autotrophs ? Give one example.

Answer - The organisms that prepare their own food are called autotrophs. For example- green plants.


Question- What are heterotrophs? Give example.

Answer - Those organisms which depend on other organisms for their food are called heterotrophs.

          For example - Humans, animals.


Question - Define photosynthesis.

Answer - The process of preparing food by green plants in the presence of sunlight is called photosynthesis.


Question - Write down the raw material required for photosynthesis.

Answer - Raw material required for photosynthesis are....

       1. Carbon dioxide

       2. Water

       3. Sunlight.




Question - Fill in the blanks.


1. Materials required for preparation of a food are called ingredients .

2. White part of an egg is called albumen .

3. Plants prepare their food by the process of photosynthesis .

4. Mustard seeds and leaves are used as food .

5. Honey bee collects nectar of flowers .


Question - Write true or false.


1. All animals are carnivorous = False.

2. Root of sweet potato is used as food = True.

3. Egg is not considered as good food material as it does not contain protein = False.

4. Stem of sugarcane is used for preparing juice , sugar and jaggery = True.

5. Butter, curd and honey are prepared from milk = False.


Question - Match column A and column B.

A                       B

Carrot              Pulses

Gram, Peas      Fruit

Wheat, Rice     Root

Potato              Grains

Orange             Stem



A                      B

Carrot               Root

Gram, Peas       Pulses

Wheat, Rice     Grains

Potato              Stem

Orange            Fruit.


Question - Choose the correct option .


1. Which animal is omnivore among the following?

A) Lion

B) Hawk

C) Deer

D) Crow ()


2. Which part of cabbage is used as food?

A) Stem

B) Roots

C) Leaves ()

D) None of the above.


Very short answer type questions:


Question- What are ingredients?

Answer- The material required for preparation of any food item is called ingredient. For example - to prepare kheer, ingredients are rice, milk, sugar etc.


Question - Write any three products obtained from milk?

Answer - 1. Cheese

         2. Curd

         3. Butter.


Question -Name any two seeds used as spices in food items.

Answer - 1. Coriander.

         2. Cumin,

         3. Fengreek.


Short answer type questions:


Question - How seeds are main source of food for humans?

Answer - Most part of our food consists of grains and pulses. Grain and pulses are considered as the seeds of plants. So we can say seeds are main source of food for humans.


Question - What is the importance of food in living organisms?

Answer - Living organisms require energy to do any work and for growth of their body. This energy is provided by food.


Question - Write a short not on any two food materials obtained from animals.

Answer - 1. Milk: Milk is very useful product. It is obtained from milch animals. For example - cow, buffalo, goat etc.

2. Meat: Flesh of animals is called meat. Meat of cock, fish etc. contains a huge amount of protein and fats.

  Long answer type questions:


Question - How are animals classified on the basis of their food habits. Explain by giving examples.

Answer - Animals are classified into three categories.

1. Herbivores - Those animals which take plant or plant products as their food. For example - cow.

2. Carnivores - Those animals which take flesh of other animals as their food. For example - lion, Tiger.

3. Omnivores - Those animals which take plant and animals as their food. For example - humans, dogs .etc