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Chapter-3 The Lake of The Moon


Chapter-3 The Lake of The Moon


Activity 1: Dictionary Reference: Learning New Words


Majestic:  ਸ਼ਾਨਦਾਰ

Tusker:  ਹਾਥੀ

Severe:  ਗੰਭੀਰ

Drought:  ਸੋਕਾ

Prevent: roxkw

Messenger:  ਦੂਤ:

Reflect:  ਝਲਕ

Protection: sur`iKAw

Disturb:  ਪਰੇਸ਼ਾਨ

To and fro   :  ਇੱਥੇ ਅਤੇ Eu`Qy


Activity 2:Match the following things/birds with their group name:


1. fruits– a basket of fruits

2. keys – a bunch of keys

3. books – a library of books

4. cards- a pack of cards

5. flowers- a bouquet of flowers

6. shoes- a pair of shoes


Activity 3: Choose the correct option and put a tick:


1. What happened in the area where the elephants lived?

a. there were floods

b. there was no water

c. there was fire in the jungle.

Ans. there was no water (b)


2. The elephant king told the elephant to go to

a. different Lakes

b. the moon

c. different directions

Ans. different directions (c)


3. What was close to the lake?

a. a big forest

b. a colony of rabbits

c. the moon

Ans. a colony of rabbits (b)


4. Why did rabbits panic?

a. thousands of rabbits died

b. elephants would drink all the water in the lake

c. the moon would get angry

Ans. thousands of rabbits died (a)


5. What did the king of rabbits want other rabbits to find?

a. water

b. another place to go

c. solution

Ans. solution (c)


6. What did one little rabbit say?

a. fight the elephants

b. hide till the elephants go away

c. make him a messenger to the elephant king

Ans. make his a messenger to the elephant king (c)


7. What did the little rabbit climb?

a. a mountain

b. a huge rock

c. on the back of the elephant king

Ans. a huge rock (b)


8. What did the little rabbit say to the Elephant King?

a. that he was the messenger of the Moon

b. he ordered the king to leave their area

c. that the elephants should be ready for a fight

Ans. that he was the messenger of the Moon (a)


9. What message does he give to the King?

a. that the elephant herd had soiled the water of the holy lake

b. rabbits were under the special protection of the moon

c. both 'a' and 'b'

Ans. Both ‘a’ and ‘b’ (c)


10. Where does the rabbit take the elephant king?

a. a lake

b. another forest

c. none of the above

Ans. a. lake (a)


Activity 4: Answer the following questions:


Q. 1. What happened to the place where the herd of elephants lived?

Ans. A severe drought hit the area.


Q. 2. Where was the water found?

Ans. The water was found in a lake.


Q. 3. Who became the messenger?

Ans. A little rabbit became the messenger.


Q. 4. Why did the water move to and fro?

Ans. The water moved to and fro because the king elephant dipped his trunk into the water.


Q. 5. Why did the elephant king believe that the Moon had become angrier?

Ans. Because the water moved, the king elephant believed that the Moon had become angrier.


Activity 5: Change the gender:


Masculine- Feminine

 God- Goddess

waiter-  waitress

Tiger- tigress

Lion- lioness

Prince - princess

Emperor - empress

Host - hostess

Duke- duchess

Actor- actress


Activity 6: Change the gender:


Masculine- Feminine

Bull -cow

Son -daughter


Uncle- Aunt


Sir- Madam

Brother- Sister


Male- female


Goose- gander


Activity 7: Change the gender:


Masculine- Feminine


Milkman- milkmaid

Landlord- landlady

Peacock- peahen



Grandfather- Grandmother

Son-in-law- daughter-in-law

Grandson- granddaughter

Policeman- policewoman


Activity 8: Change the gender:


Hero -heroine

Lad -lass

Bridegroom- bride

Widower -widow

Sultan- sultana

Czar- Czarina

Magician- magician/wizard

Milkmaid - milkman

Peahen - peacock

Nephew - niece

Washer man - washerwoman

President –president (neuter gender)

Queen - king

Goose– gander

Prince- princess


Activity 9: Some words are common to both genders. These words can be used for both males and females. Such words are called Common Gender. Some examples are done for you. Complete the ones that have been left blank in the table:

Pilot friend bird parent baby teacher doctor member child candidate animal artist minister children singer musician


Activity 10: Some words have no gender. Such words are called Neuter gender. Some examples are done for you. Complete the ones that have been left blank in the table: Neuter Gender

 Chair mountain paper fan book computer school camera pencil photo Phone hospital knife floor


Activity 11: Fill in the blanks using the

Correct option: (aunt, cow, queen, uncle, pilot, man, lady, hen, cock, duck )


1. A queen wears a crown.

2. A pilot flies an aeroplane.

3. My grandmother is an old lady.

4. My father is a very kind and caring man.

5. A cow gives us milk.

6. A hen lays eggs.

7. My father's brother is my uncle.

8. My mother's sister is my aunt.

9. A duck quacks all day long in the pond.

10. A cock says cock-a-doodle-doo.