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Chapter-4 The Giving Tree


  Chapter-4 The Giving Tree


Activity 1: Dictionary Reference: Learning New Words


1. Swing: ਝੂਲਣਾ

2. Trunk: qxw

 3. Branches: SwKwvW

4. Business: ਕਾਰੋਬਾਰ

5. Sail: ਜਹਾਜ਼

6. Resource:ਸਰੋਤ


Activity 2: Read the following phrases. Find out their meaning by reading the story again. Write two meaningful sentences using each phrase:


1. Climb up: a. I can climb up a tree.

b. He Climbedup themountain.


2. cut off: a. He was cut off in the middle of his talk.

b. Do not cut off my class today.


3. cut down: a. He is able to cut down the tree.

b. Cut down the intake of sugar.


4. Stay away: a. Stay away from a bad company.

b. He stayed away from home for a long while.


5. Take away: a. He tookaway my book.

b. Please take it away with care.


Activity 3: Read the story carefully and answer the following questions in 'Yes' / 'No':


For example:


Question: Did the boy love the tree when he was a child?

Answer: Yes, he did.


1. Did the tree love the little boy?

Answer: Yes, she did.


2. Did the tree have money to give the boy?

Answer: No, she did not have.


3. Did the boy want to go to a nearby village?

Answer: No, he did not.


3. Did the boy get married?

Answer: Yes, he did.


4. Did the tree allow the boy to sit down on the stump?

Answer: Yes, she did.


Activity 4: Answer the following questions:


1. Who would come and play with the tree?

Ans. A little boy would come and play with the tree.


2. Who was too big to climb and play?

Ans. The boy was too big to climb and play.


3. Why did the boy want a boat?

Ans. He wanted to go to another city.


4. Why did the boy want to go to another city?

Ans. He wanted to go for business.


5. What did the tree say in the end?

Ans. “An old stump is good for sitting and resting. Come, boy, sit down and rest.”


Activity 5: Fill in the blanks with the words given below. You can use each word twice, if necessary:

(sailed, tree, stump, grew, happy, climb up, swing, house, tired, apples)


1. Once there was a boy and a tree.

2. The boy played with the tree.

3. The tree asked the boy to climb up and swing from her branches.

4. The boy grew older.

5. The tree asked the boy to sell-off apples to get money.

6. The boy cut off the branches to make a house.

7. The boy made a boat from the trunk of the tree and sailed away.

8. The tree was not happy.

9. The boy came back to the tree. He said that he was tired.

10. The boy sat on the stump to rest.


Activity 6: Give opposites of the given words in the given space:


Word Opposite

1. happy-sad

2. give-take

3. sell-buy

4. come-go

5. quiet- loud/noisy

6. climb up- come down


Activity 7: Add '-ed' to the following words and write a meaningful sentence:


Example: Stay: She stayed in Goa for a week.

1. Want: I wanted a good job.

2. Climb: He climbed up the tree.

3. Play: Theyplayed football.

4. Sail: He sailed to some other country.

5. Rest: He rested for a while.