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Chapter- 6 The Peacock and the Crow



 Chapter-6 The Peacock and the Crow


Activity 1: Dictionary Reference: Learning New Words


1. feathers- KMB

2. Perching- Arwm krdy hoey

3. Collected- iek`Tw kIqw

4. Reflection- prCWvw

5. Ignoring- nzr AMdwz krdy hoey

 6. Humiliated- Apmwixq hoieAw

7. Accepted- mMinAw igAw

8. Realized- mihsUs hoieAw

9. Apologized– mw&I mMgI




6. wished-wish

7. saw-see

8. got-get

9. collected-collect

10. stuck-stick

11. flew- fly

12. felt-feel

13. started- start

14. accepted-accept

15. thought-think


1. What did the crow not like about himself?

Ans. He did not like his black feathers and his look.


2. Who did he want to be like? Why?

Ans. He wanted to be like a peacock because the peacocks with the colourful feathers look very beautiful.


3. What did he say to the other crows?

Ans. “You look so dull and plain…I wish I were a peacock.”


4. What did the crow see on the ground?

Ans. He saw many peacock feathers on the ground.


5. What did he do with the peacock feathers?

Ans. He collected and stuck them into his wings and tail.


Activity 4: Who said to whom?


1. "You look so dull and plain. Look how beautiful the peacocks are."

Ans. The crow to other crows.


2. "Look at my beautiful feathers. I don't belong to you anymore. So, stay away from me."

Ans. The crow to his friends.


3. "Peacock feathers will not make you a peacock."

Ans. The peacocks to the crow.


4. "We should accept ourselves the way we are."

Ans. The old crow to the crow.


5. "You will not be able to fly properly with these stuck on your body."

Ans. The old crow to the crow


Activity 5: Complete the sentences in the following blanks:


1. One day, perching on his tree, the crow saw many peacock feathers on the ground.

2. The crow flew to the river to see his reflection.

3. The peacocks knew that he was not one among them. He was a crow.

4. He tore off the entire peacock feathers that were stuck to his feathers.

5. Then, he went to his friends and apologized for insulting them.