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Chapter-7 Playing Kabaddi


  Chapter-7 Playing Kabaddi


Activity 1: Dictionary Reference: Learning New Words


Repeat: duhrwauxw

Formed: bxwieAw

Breath: swh

Touched: CUihAw

International: AMqr-rwStrI

Tournament: mukwblw


Activity 2: Read the meanings and sentences of the following words.

Make one sentence of your own and write in the given space:


breath(n): the air that goes in and out of mouth/nose

He took a deep breath and jumped into the water.

The players hold breath for long time.


member (n): a person who belongs to a group or a team

He is a member of the football team.

He is a member of the Kabaddi team.


touch (v): to put one's hand on or against something

Don't touch that pot; it is very hot.

Don’t touch the electric wires.


continued (v): something that goes on and on.

The game continued for two hours.

Learning will be continued.


Activity 3: Read and write answers:


1. What qualities are needed to play Kabaddi?

Ans. Players of Kabaddi should be strong and quick.


2. When is a person out in Kabaddi?

Ans. A stopper, who is touched or a raider who is caught on the opposite side, is out.


3. How many players are needed in a Kabaddi team?

Ans. Seven players are needed ina Kabaddi team


4. Which team wins the game?

Ans. A team, that eliminates the whole opposite team, wins.


5. Is Kabaddi a local or an international game?

Ans. It is an international game now.


6. When did the game start as an international event?

Ans. It started in 2004.


Activity 4: Select the correct word from the box given below and write it in the given space:

(draw, court, stands, referee, pitch, coach, whistle, spectator, umpire, pavilion)


1. This is where you bat and bowl in cricket. pitch

2. This is where you can play basketball. court

3. This person watches a game or a match. spectator

4. This is something that makes a loud noise. whistle

5. This is the result of a match in which neither side wins. draw

6. This is someone who judges the performance of the players. umpire

7. This is where you sit or stand to watch a match. stands

8. This is someone who teaches you how to play a sport. coach

9. This person makes sure that rules are followed on the cricket ground. referee

10. This is the place where players rest and get ready for the game. pavilion


Activity 5: Fill in the blanks with 'a'/ 'an':


1. May I have an orange, please?

2. Kabaddi is a team game.

3. An owl is an intelligent bird.

4. The soldier lost an eye in the war.

5. A fly is an insect.

6. An apple is a healthy fruit.

7. A cow is a domestic animal.

8. An elephant has a long trunk.