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LESSON-2 Time Management


LESSON-2 Time Management


2.1 Introduction

Do You Know???


"Dear Students!

There was a child.

An honest child,

Who was innocent.

But was never punctual.

He used to be late in everything.

He used to be late in getting up.

He used to be late in going to bed.

He used to be late in reaching the school.

He used to be late in coming back home.

He used to be late in finishing his school assignment.

He used to be late in playing with mates.

What was the reason?

He was never punctual.

Do you know who was 'he'?

Is that child ‘You’?”


Let us introspect

Do we just spend the available time or make proper use of it? Let us introspect and see how happy our lives will be if we finish every task on time. If we learn to value time, then our worth will also increase.


My daily schedule:-

Dear students, let us make our daily timetable/schedule:-



My name is

I get up the morning.

I reach school at……..

I finish my school assignment at………..

I go to bed at………


Am I a smart student or a lazy one????


Let us find out now who is a smart student and who is a lazy student. You have to tick () only one option out of "Never"/ "Sometimes"/ "Always" in the table given below:-

Sr. No.







I get up early in the morning.





I reach school on time.





I take my meals on scheduled time.





I finish my school assignments on time.





I go to play at a specific time.





I go to bed at night after packing my school bag properly.





I properly maintain/iron my school uniform before going to bed at night.














Now see the score

Your Score =

Always = 3, sometimes = 2, never = 1.


What efforts would you make to increase your score?



Roll the dice and learn the value of time


Dear students, divide yourselves into six teams. Roll a die on the table and see the number. The number on the die represents the team that has to respond and answer the question as given in the following table:


How did people in ancient times estimate time?

Describe some natural things around you that are always punctual.

Tell about some people around you who are always punctual.

What if one day the sun forgets to be punctual in rising up?

What will happen if one day the sun forgets to set?

What if one day your teachers forget to reach the school on time………?


Now try to know more about the importance of punctuality. Discuss with your classmates, teachers, parents and gather more information about time management. Note down the gathered information in your own words.







2.3 Time Management: First priority, second priority or third priority???

Dear students, we get 24 hours daily and thus 60 minutes every hour and 60 seconds every minute. Just think! How much time do we have each day to make our lives better? So, we need to manage our time wisely. We must learn to prioritize our tasks. We must organise our assignments by keeping these on our first, second or third priority. There are some essential tips to manage the available time:

(a) Which task is most urgent?

(b)Which task can be postponed for a while, or what can be done little later?

(C) How much time is to be allotted for different works?



First Priority: Most urgent Tasks

Second Priority: Essential Tasks

Third Priority: Minor Tasks



To make proper use of the available time, we should organise our tasks into most urgent tasks, urgent tasks and minor tasks and so on. The work should be done based on this division by proper time management.

The Benefits of Time Management: - Read, understand and fill in the blanks: wiser, fades, enhances, better, more


Benefits of Time Management



1. The mental stress……….. away.

2. Individual becomes……….Responsible.

3. Performance becomes…………

4. Person becomes knowledgeable…&sensible.

5. Self-confidence……….


My Planner for important Assignments of the day:

Now try to make your time table planner mentioning your urgent tasks for the day as suggested below and assign a star to yourself when you successfully finish your assignment on time. Then calculate how many total stars you earned during the week for a particular task:-


Sr. No.










Total Stars






































































































Signature: ...


2.4 Think and Write

1. What efforts did you make to be punctual, according to your time-table?

2. Describe a situation in which you felt embarrassed or suffered a loss for reaching late.

3. Enlist the drawbacks of wasting time.


Firm Determination

management, time, priority, punctual

1. I will become... from today onwards

2. I will always complete my tasks on………...

3. I will follow time.........

I will complete my daily tasks on time by dividing these based on……….


Special suggestions from the teacher to the student