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LESSON-3 Healthy Family Relation


LESSON-3 Healthy Family Relation

The most beautiful thing in this world is to see your parents smiling and to know that you are the reason behind that smile.


3.1 Introduction

Dear children, family is a gift given to the human being which plays the most important role in beautifying his/her life. No matter where we go in the world and whatever we become, our mind and soul always stay in our home because home is the place where our family lives. We all love our family very much.

While answering the following questions, let's see how much we know about our family.


My family and I


1. There are total__________members in my family.

2. Names of my family members and my relationship with them.







3. I am the eldest/ intermediate / smallest of my siblings.


Write down the three advantages and disadvantages of being in______ position among siblings.












4. Responsibilities of elders and children in my home.


5. Skills of my parents.


Their skills


What have I learnt?






6. I talk to my grandparents on the following topics.


7. My family spends its evenings at home in the following ways.


8. ___________is the closest to me in my family.


9. Complete the following sentence.


I am proud of my family because


Children, you are so lucky that you have a very lovely family, but have you ever told your family members that you love them very much?


·        Today you will go home and tell the whole family how much you love them.

·        From today onwards you will spend half an hour every day with your grandparents for a week and next week you will tell the class what you have learned from them.

3.2 Dear children, whatever we are today is because of our parents. Many of our qualities are inherited. In fact our existence is our parents' greatest gift to us.


Let's try to connect more with our parents today and find out how much you know about your parents. Fill the following proforma about your mother or father. (You can also write about your grandparents or any other elder in the house.) Also fill the certificate, and get it signed from the receiver.




1. Name: _____________

2. Age: _______________

3. Education: ____________

4. Favourite colour: _______

5. Favourite food: _______

6. Hobby: ______

7. His/ her dream: ______

8. His/ her biggest disappointment: _________

9. The good things in his / her nature: _______

10. The bad things in his / her nature: _________

11. My qualities that match him / her: _______




                                      Goes to,

MR. /MRS.__________


___________________.___________, I love you very much. You are truly the best_________ in the world.




Receiver (Signature)


After going home, write down with the help of your parents, what you were not able to write in the above proforma and get the certificate signed by the recipient at home.

Children, do you know that in our country Mother's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May, Father's Day on third Sunday of June and Grandparent's Day on the first Sunday of September. Make a card for them on these days and congratulate them. Find out on what date these days will be celebrated this year.


Mother's Day: ____

Father's Day: ______

Grandparent's Day: _____


·        Today you will go home and thank your parents for their unconditional love for you and for the work they do for the family and try to help them as much as possible throughout the week.

3.3 Dear children, let's try to find out through a questionnaire how your family relations are. Read the following and describe your behaviour.

                                               My Relations


Sr. No.


Your Behaviour





I speak to my parents respectfully.





I help with household chores.





I hang together with my siblings.





I apologize on committing mistakes.





I accomplish the task on the first call of my parents.





I clean my room myself.





I share everything with my siblings.





I keep my promises made to my parents.





I try to keep congenial environment at my home.





I remain calm even when my demand is not fulfilled.





Score yourself: Always 03, Sometimes -02, Never -01

Marks obtained: (Maximum marks = 30, Minimum marks = 10)

Children, high scores reflect your good family relations. Review your behaviour according to the questionnaire given above and write down in the given space what you will do to improve your relationships.


3.4 Dear children, good family relationships are not only essential for family peace but also for our development. It is only the family that stands by us in every situation. We should pay special attention to the improvement of our family relations.

Explain according to the following gestures, how you will apply them in your family.

1. Respect______________________________________

2. Learn__________________________________________________

3. Appreciate______________________________________________

4. Apologize__________________________________________________

5. Help_____________________________________________________

6. Be thankful____________________________________________________

7. Give time_________________________________________________________

8. Forgive__________________________________________

9. Show love_____________________________________________________

10. Sacrifice_________________________________________________________


Children, sharing is important not only for a loving and comfortable family environment but also for creating a good society. Remember, to give something to someone, you need not rich with money but rich by heart. Think and write down which things you have that you can give to someone else. For this, you can build a virtue shop (ਨੇਕੀ ਦੀ ਦੁਕਾਨ) in your street/local or the school/class with the consent of your teacher.





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