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LESSON-5 Each One Plant One


LESSON-5 Each One Plant One

Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.


                                                                                                      Warren Buffet

5.1 Why should each one plant one?

Dear children, as we know that trees play an important role in our life. They not only meet our needs but also sustain our existence on earth. It is the importance of trees in our life that makes us indebted to them.

Let's try to figure out how important trees are to us. Working in small groups, write down the benefits of trees with your peers.

Benefits of Trees to Man











Share the benefits you have written with your teacher and see which group has recorded the maximum benefits.

Children, remember trees are the lifeline of our world. Without them, life on earth would be lost because they give us oxygen, which makes it possible for humans and wildlife to breathe. Trees are our natural filters which purify the air.


5.2 What if there were no trees?

Dear children, trees play an important role in enhancing the quality of our lives, but human beings have forgotten their importance and have come down to remove greenery from the earth with their selfish activities. Children, have you ever wondered what the world would look like without trees? Take five minutes, close your eyes and imagine the land without trees and write down how the earth will be like if trees disappear.


Earth without Trees

Suggestions: - Effects on air, soil, rain, various products, water resources, life and earth etc.

Children, you should know that every year Van Mahotsav Day is celebrated on July 1, Earth Day on April 22 and Environment Day on June 5. Think and write down the reasons for celebrating these days.


Children, draw the picture as instructed in the given space.

Earth Without Trees

Earth With Trees




5.3 Which tree should I plant?

Dear children, let us examine our knowledge about trees. Complete the following paragraph by finding the correct word from the box.




Tree, World, Selfish intentions, Plant, Indispensable, Life, Cut, Impossible


Trees are the source of_______on earth. To imagine the world without trees

Seems_________.Trees give us oxygen, rain, wood, fruits and shelter; they make the ________a beautiful place to live in. Still the sinister man kills them for his ______. Trees are _____ for evolution and smooth running of all the forms of life on our planet Earth. We must not let anyone ________a tree. Instead, each one of us must plant at least one _________ and make sure it grows into a big______.


Let's make a vow today that we will plant a plant in or around our house and will take care of it until it becomes a big tree. Decide which plant you want to plant. After discussing with the teacher in class, gather the following information about the plant of your choice.

Each One

Plant One

Name of the plant.


Place where you want to plant it.


Benefits of the plant.


Whose help do you want to take to plant it?


What kind of things do you need for the plantation?



You also have to remember that a plant requires a long time and care to grow into a large tree. Tell how you will take care of your plant.


Dear children, it is our responsibility to make our home as well as our school green. Next week we will accomplish this task together. Your teacher will divide you into groups and each group will bring a plant to plant in the school.


5.4 I will plant a tree.

Dear children, as we complete our vow today, we will plant beautiful plants in the school. Fill in your name in the following pledge.



I, _____and my friends have planted a_ plant in the school collectively. We take full responsibility for its care. We vow that as long as we stay in this school we will take care of this plant every day.



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