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LESSON-4 Good Touch Bad Touch


LESSON-4 Good Touch Bad Touch 



4.1 Introduction

Dear children, touch is an act of physical contact with a person or object. It can be good or bad.

GOOD TOUCH: A good touch gives you a feeling of warmth, comfort and safety internally.

BAD TOUCH: A bad touch makes you feel restless and frightened and gives you a sense of insecurity.


Read the following activities and divide them into good or bad touches according to the emotions associated with them.


Sr. No.


Good touch

Bad touch


Patting by teacher.




An adult making you sit in his/her lap against your wish.




Siblings playing with each other.




Someone trying to touch you while travelling in bus.




Parents taking care of you.




Mother giving you bath.




Stranger trying to hug you.




A doctor examining your body.




Keeping the above activities in mind, describe what you will feel during a good and bad touch.

Feelings during good touch

Feelings during bad touch











Talk to your teacher and tell:

·        What should you do in this type of situation?

·        In which situations you feel insecure except the above given situations and know if it is a good touch or bad touch.

4.2 Dear children, your body is yours and belongs only to you. No one can touch you unless you allow them. No one should be allowed to touch certain parts of your body (private parts) except your parents when they are bathing you and touch these special parts to clean you up.

In the circles provided in the given picture, colour the parts that make you feel uncomfortable when touched by someone else.

Through the above activity we have learned about the personal parts of our body but it is not so that touching only these parts is wrong. In fact, the intention behind any touch makes it good or bad. If someone touches you anywhere with a wrong feeling, it will be considered a bad touch. It is important to know the difference between good and bad touch if you want to be safe. So you have to rely on your intelligence and try to understand the other person's intentions.

Each creature has its unique way of responding to an insecure touch. Guess how the following creatures respond to unsafe touches and threats.

Match the Following


 A                                                                  B

CREATURES                                               WAY TO RESPOND TO THE DANGER


1. Butterfly                                               1. Hiding in the hard rot of skin

2. Dog                                                        2. Going to mother’s lap

3. Turtle                                                    3. Fly away

4. Deer                                                      4. Bark loudly

5. Baby monkey                                     5. Run fast


Children, these creatures are also fully aware of good and bad touch. In the same way, you need to be aware of these touches to save your life. Let's know through a poem what we should do in a situation of an unsafe touch.




Wise Children


We children are very wise,

Do not consider us so unwise.

Assuming us to be kids,

Not very intelligent though.

If someone touches us,

Or tries to pamper us.

We'll understand everything,

And will shout loudly.

We'll say a firm 'No',

To such a place we'll go.

Our trusted ones are where,

We'll start crying there.

To our parents we'll go,

And will make them everything know.

We children are very wise,

Do not consider us so unwise.


4.3 Dear children, a good touch is a way for people to show their love and care. It will give you a sense of happiness and security, but with a bad touch you will feel a sense of insecurity, fear, restlessness and nervousness. You need to be alert and aware to differentiate between the two touches.

It is also very important for you to know what to do if someone tries to touch you without your permission or abuse you. In such situations, you must do three things. Combine column A with column B to find out about them.

A                                                          B

1. SAY NO                                         To a safe place where other people are present

2. GO                                                To a trusted elder

3. TELL                                              In a loud voice


Keeping the above in mind, think about the following situations and write down in the space provided what you would do in that situation.


Sr. No.




A stranger gives you chocolate, money or some other temptation to come with him/ her.



Someone shows you videos or pictures of people without clothes.



Someone forcibly hugs or cuddles you.



You find someone's behaviour strange.



Someone tries to sit too close to you.



Someone threatens you to keep his / her behaviour secret.



Discuss with your teacher to find out if your reaction was correct.

4.4 Dear children, your safety is largely in your own hands. You must see to it that no one should be allowed to touch your private parts (such as your buttocks, chest, hips and genitals). If someone does so, it falls into the category of physical abuse. Read the following statements about child abuse and find out if they are true or false.






Child abuse is a good thing.




Many children are victims of abuse.




Only girls are victims of abuse.




Child abuse can be prevented by being aware and vigilant.




Child abusers are easily identified.




Usually the child abusers are well known to the child and his / her family.




Child abuses happen in slums only.




Child sexual abuse is a crime.





Get the right answers by discussing them with your teacher.

Children, you can face any situation by being aware and alert. Remember, if someone touches you without your permission, you need not be afraid; say no loudly, go to a safe place and tell a trusted elder.

Always remember the three safety rules:




Identify the seven persons whom you trust and write their names in your circle of trust.


My Circle of Trust



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