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LESSON-7 Cooperation and Belongingness


LESSON-7 Cooperation and Belongingness

"Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, and working - together is success.

                                                                                                  Henry Ford

7.1 Introduction

Dear children, cooperation is the feeling of working together with someone and belongingness is the feeling of being attached to someone special.

Life is a journey that starts at the time of birth. This journey of life begins with some kinship but some more relationships are formed during the passage. All of these relationships- parents, siblings, relatives, friends and teachers- are with you at every step. They make your life better and more enticing by cooperating with you in every possible way. They contribute to your progress and success.


Answer the following questions:

Let's learn about the importance of cooperation and belongingness in our life.


a) What are three things you can do alone?


b) What are some of the things you need to take help for?


Cooperation and belongingness act and connect,

And work like the magic wands.

Never ever leave the edge of feelings,

The thread of relations is in your hands


Mind Map; Let's learn about correlation and belongingness through classroom discussions and fill out the following mind map.

What triggers in you the sense of cooperation and belongingness?








7.2 Activity Time


Story "The Baby of a Nightingale"


It was the month of June last year which was piping hot. Two nightingales searched twigs from somewhere and worked indefatigably the whole day to build nests on our home papaya plants. They did this with great joy and fervour, why won't they! Home is just as essential to animals as it is to humans. With collaboration and alliance, they were able to construct their home. Before dawn, they both flew in search of food. Sometimes they would sit on the parapet and take care of their nest. They relished this job. Singing songs all day long was as if they were offering thanks to God.

After a few days, the female nightingale began to spend more time in the nest and the male one would guard them like a watchman. Now the responsibility of both was increased. They went to forage for food not only for themselves but also for their baby. They didn't go to far-off places. The baby nightingale would wait impatiently and call in for its parents. Hearing their baby's voice, they would both get there in a moment.



One day, the female nightingale reached with a worm (food) in her beak and found the nest empty. Saddened, she called her mate. The male nightingale also reached there. Together they hunted for their baby everywhere. The baby was sitting on the parapet. Their joy knew no bounds on seeing their fledgling. Their offspring had now learnt well how to fly. The three happily flew away and never returned.


This story is based on the eyewitness accounts. We have learnt a lot by reading the story "The Baby of a Nightingale".


a) Write in your own words what have you learnt from this story.


b) Read the story and tell how one nightingale collaborated with another nightingale to make the nest a home and a family.


Dear children, the house becomes a palace of dreams only because of cooperation, adjustment, respect, understanding, love and feeling of belongingness.




7.3 Remember


1. C = Cooperation

2. A = Adjustment

3. B Belongingness

4. R= Respect

5. U = Understanding

6. L = Love

7. E- Emotion


Let's see what we have imbibed.

(Discuss the following five questions with your teacher one by one.)

a) Suppose your younger brother does not share his toys with you. What will you do to help him improve this habit?

b) How do you cooperate with your parents? Make a list of any five ways.

c) Your grandfather is old. He keeps asking for help for small tasks. If he calls you while you are studying, what will you do?

d) Let's choose what is right and what is wrong.


Strike out the wrong choice.

Not taking care of the house.

Living with love.

Doing household chores together.

Staying alone all day.

Listening carefully to the elders.

Not helping each other.

Ego destroys the sense of cooperation and belongingness. Control it so that the feeling of togetherness is maintained.


7.4The spirit of cooperation unites us and improves mutual relationships.


a) Write the name of the person who always supports you.


b) Who is there to aid you with everything, big or small?


C) Say thanks by writing the names of such people who take care of your necessities.


Dear children, you must follow the CAB RULE to sweeten every relationship. If you follow these rules, then these habits will become a golden part of your future life.

State: Have you made any changes in yourself? If so, list at least five such habits:









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