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LESSON-8 Respect for National Symbols and Constitution


LESSON-8 Respect for National Symbols and Constitution


Rights and duties are two sides of the same coin.

8.1 Introduction

Dear students, our country has a great culture and heritage. We had to face a lot of struggle in the past to achieve independence. The facilities we are enjoying today are the result of the sacrifices of our great freedom fighters. Ours is a vast country. It is divided into many states and union territories. Despite diversities, the whole country is like a garland of different flowers. Our national symbols and constitution are an indication of our oneness.

Dear children, we will play an interesting game. But, before that answer the following questions.


1. What freedom do you enjoy at home that you never get anywhere else?

2. What are your duties towards your family?


8.2 Activity Time

                                                        Just Think!!

While living in the family, we remember all our duties, then how we can forget our responsibilities towards our country. The Indian constitution has provided some fundamental rights, along with some fundamental duties to all its citizens. There must be coordination between the two.

Let us play a game. All students sit in two groups. Each student will prepare a slip. The students in group one, write 'R', i.e. Rights and the students in group two write 'D', i.e. Duties' on their slips. One student from each group will come forward with the slip. You will be given a ball. Now, both the players have to carry the ball to the back wall of the classroom and return while holding it with their elbows instead of hands.


Correct Coordination

R                               D

R                               D

Incorrect Coordination


We have seen that the teams with good coordination were the winners.

What have you learnt from this activity/game?


Well done!!!

Home work: Bring pictures related to our National symbols.


8.3 Questions

Dear students, answer the following questions.


·        How do you show respect for elders?


·        How do you show respect when the teacher enters the classroom?


·        How do you show respect to our National Anthem?


·        How will you maintain honour and dignity of our National Flag?


·        Which is our National Flower? What does it signify?


·        Some people pluck the feathers of peacock or other birds. This is wrong. How?


Dear students! Hope you have brought pictures of the National Symbols.




8.4 Questions

Dear students, by now you might have understood the importance of our Constitution and National symbols. Students, get divided into four groups and discuss the following questions. Now, a leader from each group will come forward to tell the views of his or her group.

Dear students, now write the answers to the following questions.


1. Fundamental Rights and Duties go hand in hand. How?


2. If we respect our Constitution and our National Symbols, we are true Patriots of our country. How?


3. We will motivate others also to do so. How?


What will you do?


For the Respect of our Constitution and National Symbols


DO'S                                                               DONTS



Answer The Following


1. The children in the following picture are


2. How will you show respect to our National Flag?


Colour the picture

Write slogans to show your respect for your country:



Very well done! Hope you will always keep the same spirit and motivate others also.




Special suggestions from the teacher to the student