Thursday 11 February 2021




1. Read the telephonic conversation between Navneet and Vineeta.


Navneet: Hello,Is that 2626068?

Vineeta: Yes.

Navneet: Am I talking to Harneet?

Vineeta: May I know who is calling?

Navneet: I am Navneet. I study in the same college as Harmeet. Is she there?

Vineeta: No,she has gone to the market. Why don’t you call her on her mobile?

Navneet: I tried but it was not reachable. I need to give her a message.

Vineeta: You can give me the message.

Navneet: Tell her that the trip for tomorrow has been postponed and she must come ready for

regular classes.

Vineet: I will tell her.

Navneet: Thank you.

Vineeta has to go to her friend’s house so she writes the message for Harneet and pastes on

the refrigerator.





January 22,........... 5 pm


Hello Harneet


Navneet called to tell you that your college trip has been postponed and there will be regular

classes tomorrow.







2. You are the Principal of a school. You have received a phone call from a student’s father.

The name of the student in Amrinder. He studies in 6th class. His father has said that

Amrinder’s grandmother is not well and he should reach home quickly. Write a message for the

student. [The message is to be sent to him in the class.]






January 28,............ 11am


Amrinder, VI A


Your father called to tell you that your grandfather is not well. You are permitted to go home