Thursday 11 February 2021

Letters / Applications


 Letters / Applications


1. Write a letter to your uncle thanking him for the beautiful gift he has sent to you.


Talwandi Bharth



15 Jan. 20--

My dear Uncle

Yesterday was my birthday. I received a parcel from you. There was a wrist watch in it. I thank

you for the kind gift.


It is a very fine watch. It keeps correct time. All my friends have liked it. I shall keep it with great

care. I once again thank you for this nice gift.


With love and respect to you and dear Aunt.


Yours affectionately



2. Write an application to the Headmistress of your school to grant you one day’s

sick leave.


The Headmistress

Govt. High School

Talwandi Bharth




I have fever and a bad headache also. I can’t come to school. The doctor has advised me rest.

Kindly grant me leave for today only.


Thanking you


Yours obediently

Navjot kaur

Class VI,A

16 Jan 20--



3. Write an application to your Headmaster for the remission of fine.


The Headmaster

Govt. High School





Our English teacher gave us a test on Friday. I was unwell. I could not send my application. I

could not take the test. So the teacher has fined me fifty rupees.

My father is a poor man. He cannot pay the fine. Kindly remit my fine. I shall be thankful to you

for this kindness.


Yours obediently

Gurpreet Singh

Class VI,B

18 Jan. 20--


4. Write an application to your Principal of your school to grant you full fee-concession .


The Principal

GSSS. Aliwal




I am a student of the sixth class of your school. My father is a peon. His pay is very small. He

cannot pay my school fee.


I always stand first in my class. I am a member of the football team. Last year, I was a free

student. Kindly grant me full fee-concession this year also.


I shall be highly thankful to you for this kindness.


Yours obediently

Ramandeep Kaur

Class VI,D

20 Jan. 20--