Thursday, 11 February 2021





1. The Cow

The cow is a domestic animal. It is very useful for us. It provides us milk, ghee, curd, butter, cheese etc. We can make different desserts from milk like kheer, custard, sweets etc. it is found in various colours and sizes around the world. It has two eyes, two ears, two horns and a big tail. In India Hindus worship it as a sacred animal. The cow dung is used as fuel in houses and fertilizers in fields.


2. My Best Friend

I have many friends. But Mandeep is my best friend. She is of my age. She is my neighbour. Her father is a teacher. Her mother is a house-maker. We go to school together. We play and study together. She is very intelligent. All the teachers love her. She helps me in my studies. She plays tennis. She has many good habits. She respects the elders. She always speaks the truth. She is very simple. She is a true friend. May she live long.


3. What I like about myself

My name is Simranjit. I love myself. I am strong, unique and smart. My confidence is beautiful. My smile can make someone feel better. I matter. The world has a need for me. I believe I can change the world. I am important. I am a good person. I keep going because I believe in myself. I am special. I will not change myself for anyone.


4. Kabaddi

Sports are very important in our lives. Kabaddi is very popular in our villages. It is a team game. Players of Kabaddi need to be strong and quick on their feet. They should be able to control their breath and hold it for a long time. Both teams have seven players. It is very entertaining game. Kabaddi is very popular all over Punjab. Slowly its becoming popular internationally also.